Jean-François Archer

Jean-François Archer

Jean-François Archer

Associate - CPA Auditor CGA

Mr. Jean-François Archer holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the HEC Montreal (2003) has been a professional chartered accountant since March 2008.

He has more than twelve years of experience working on financial statements certification of business in many sectors, such as drugstores, professional services, retail, construction, multimedia, film production and holding companies.

During his career, he also developed a strong experience in due diligence and carried out certification mandates on a global scale.

He is a member of the Quebec Order of chartered professional accountants.

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Professional Training

Members of the Québec Order of chartered professional accountants (CPA) must devote 120 hours of continuing education per three-year cycle in order to maintain their membership in the Order. Our associates’ competency is upheld through a continuing education program developed according to the following elements:

  • External training sessions – mainly from the continuing education program of the Québec Order of chartered professional accountants (CPA)
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Internal training sessions – sharing of learnings with all the staff

Ethics and integrity

Members of the Québec Order of chartered professional accountants (CPA) must comply with a professional code of ethics, which governs their general and special duties towards the public, their clients and their profession, particularly the duty to discharge their professional obligations with integrity. The professional code of ethics relies on the following ethical principles:

  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Absence of conflict of interest
  • Competence
  • Professional secrecy
  • Availability and diligence

Each year, the associates and all staff members sign a written declaration of independence and confidentiality. Every three years, the firm is subject to a professional inspection carried out by the Québec Order of chartered professional accountants (CPA). Furthermore, the firm has never been found guilty of any derogatory acts in terms of professional ethics.